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Of course a boots-on-the-ground (BOTG) in-person solve/grab of the coin medallion is much more exciting, fulfilling, and preferred however, if you are being extra safe and/or are far away, this information is for you.
This is just an EXAMPLE of how an armchair treasure hunter would submit their solution via email and it be an acceptable solve done from home.
Armchair Submission Sample.png
Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with the current sparkconquest treasure hunt
it is purely to show a hypothetical example of how those who are not actively searching in person would go about being the first to claim the coin and win.
Submit to us from a current treasure hunt registered email address the clues solved and used with a few pics to show exactly where the coin is hidden and would be found. 

Remember you only get two emailed in chances to be correct. Use wisely.

We shall work out how to timely get the treasure chest to an armchair winner - at our expense - should that be the outcome of this treasure hunt.

Happy Treasure Hunting!
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